Jamesware for Everyday Living

Designed for comfort and versatility, with an emphasis on beauty, high-quality craftsmanship and durability, Jamesware Ceramics is a modular collection of dinnerware, cookware, and stackable containers. Each piece in the collection serves a traditional tableware function but can also be paired interchangeably with other pieces to create multiple-sized containers and stacking arrangements.

Introducing Jamesware Foundational Sets!

With our curated Foundational Sets, experience the seamless blend of elegance and functionality for which Jamesware is renowned. Arrange an exquisite table or stack unique lidded containers with ease. Our Foundational Set serves four gracefully and offers diverse container configurations. And the best part?  Take advantage of this set at an exclusive, discounted rate.

Foundational Sets

Select pieces individually...

Tableware Pieces
Jamesware Ceramics Side Dishes

...or in Sets of 4.

Sets of 4
Jamesware Ceramics Stackable Containers - The Maraq

Stackable Containers

Discover the many ways pieces in the collection fit together to form lidded-containers and stackable arrangements for food preparation, serving, and easy storage.

Stackable Containers